"Smitty.....is this what it was like?"




One Bridge, one day, one chance for Frank, Jimmy and Billy to cross and connects

their past with their destiny. Each carries a different burden in his backpack.  Some

complete the journey, and for some, the bridge turns out to be just a bit too far.

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This film came about for a couple of reasons.  First, the bridge pictured above exists in Prince William

County Virginia, and can be seen on the way to my Mom's place.  The Bridge has not been used for

a decade or two, but stands there commanding respect for the span it makes over the stream and

over time. 

At the same time I was wondering about the history of this bridge, a couple of war movies were coming

out starring the young hot actors of the day.  This was in 2001, so you do the math.  Now I have never

been in an actual war, though I did work for the Department of the Army for 3 years in the Land Mine

Neutrilazion Division. These young actors were even further from war than I, and yet we were to think

that they could know 'what it was like' to be there. 

This film was not meant as a spoof of the great film I stole the title from.  In fact, though I knew of the

film, I made sure NOT to watch it until I had finished this project.  Clearly, I have only stolen the title

from that film - and there just in part.

The message I was going for in the film was all about "heros", and I don't know if it comes through all

that well.  I do know that I had lots of great help on the film, and everybody gave me 100%, and for that

I am truely grateful.