The Cast & Crew of "A Bridge (Just a Bit) Too Far"

Written, Directed and Produced by Tom Basham

Frank                                              Patrick Brown

Jimmy                                             Dallas Dartanian Miller                 

Billy                                                 Omar Sadiq

Smitty                                             Paul Bugelski

Donna (Director)                          Adrienne Wight

Penny                                             Leigh Giza

Alec                                                Alec Negri

Barlow                                           Casey Fero

Karen                                             Jennifer Basham

Sound Man                                   Mathew Jung

First Assistant Director

  Sarah Aubrey Morris

Second Assistant Director

   Sunny Basham

Director of Photography

  Danny Eckler

Original Score

   Ben Jasmine

“Daydreams Portrait” - Billy’s lip sync song

    By: Woodrow Gray


Additional Score by:

    Brian Hazzard

First Camera Man

   Danny Eckler

Second Camera Man

    Frank Sciurba

First Camera Assistant

   James T. Stafford III

Casting Assistant

   Laura Lynn Smith

Sound Supervisor

    Mathew Jung

Key Grip

  Jerry Katac

Special Make-up Effects

    Alec Negri

Production Assistants

    Jesse Gray

    Sultona Cross

    Teresa Grohski

     Janice Omadeke

Food Services - Joy Basham

Sausage Biscuit Maker - Wilma Basham (thanks MOM)

Edited by Tom Basham

Special Thanks To:

Skippy Albright

Jon Nelson, Production Toys, Inc.

Java rock

Aden Grocery

Billy Beavers and VDOT

Hullstreet Outlet

Virginia Tech Extension Office


Apologies to William Goldman