When death starts looking good, you're staring into The Vulture's Eye.

Lucy and her friends enjoy riding horses in the peaceful rolling hills of the Virginia countryside. On a solo horse ride,

Lucy falls from her horse. She is "rescued" by her new neighbor, the Foreign Count "Klaus Vogul". The count

becomes obsessed by the sultry Lucy and all of her friends. As Lucy starts behaving strangely and becomes ill, an

old-time Southern Doctor is called in to diagnose and treat her. As the Doctor intervenes, Count Vogul attempts to

lure them into a wave of living death. Will they all fall prey to the Count's perverse plans...?




This film is the brain child of Frank Sciurba who was gracious enough to allow me along for the ride. The film was shot in 2001, about half

before September 11th and the other half afterwards.  With all the turmoil, the cast and crew hung together and completed the project.

I have quite a few stories about the production, but I have to wait until the statute of limitations runs out to provide full disclosure.