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The Santa Train  - a short film

"He does have a red nose, and just look at that belly - he must be...."

  Official Selection - Virginia Visions 2006 - Film Festival

  Official Selection - Bare Bones Independent - 2006 Film Festival

 Official Selection - Myrtle Beach International Film Festival - 2006

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A Bridge - short film

 "One moment in history."

 Official Selection - Virginia Visions 2005 - Film Festival



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  ** NEW**  How to Change a Tire - short film




These three feature films were Co-Produced with Frank Sciurba

of Illuminati films, who was the writer and director for these films.


The Vultures Eye

Released and Distributed in 2004 by Brain Damaged Films and

available at


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Perfect Poison

Official Selection - Myrtle Beach Film Festival - 2005


Official Selection - Appalachain Film festival -2005

Official Selection - Bare Bones Independent - 2005 Film Festival


Official Selection - Tupelo Film festival -2006


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Mrs. Amworth

 Distribution by Maxim Media International

    Available at

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   Screenplays by......Tom Basham

 These original screenplays are currently available. Use the "Contact us"

 button above to inquire further.

Boundaries - Feature

My first script - what can I say?  It's the greatest thing I've ever

written and it will never get made...


Paradise Springs - Feature

Logline: A sexy but love-lost golf course owner resists romance as

she battles a crooked real-estate developer.

Tagline: She’s going for the green, he has to mow it.

   ** Semi-Finalist - Screenplay Festival.coom

   **  Quarter-Finalist - Script to Screen Film Festival


A Wireless Thing - Feature

Log Line: John’s wireless laptop, with the only copy of his script,

is stolen by a terrorist and his new friend Anna helps him get it back.

Tagline:  An underwire bra can be underhanded...             

   ** Honarable Mention - Indie Gathering Film Festival

    ** Finalist - The Writers Place Screenplay Contest

    ** Semi-Finalist - Domani Vision Film Festival, NY

    ** Finalist - Filmakers International Screenwriting Awards


Bright Lights & Promises - Feature

Logline: A young waitress comes out from behind her apron to sing

and win her a man, as the old songstress reconnects with her past

to have a new life.

Tagline: A “bluesical” with all Janis Ian songs.

     ** Finalist - Moondance Film Festival

Note: This is the only contest I ever submitted this script to - as it's a musical.


Foundations - Feature

Logline: A troubled seventeen year-old city girl bearing a secret is

scuttled off to her Crazy Aunt’s farmhouse where she meets a country

boy and comes of age and makes a huge life decision.

Tagline:  She’s a head case...and he’s in over his head.

    ** Quarter-Finalist - Writers on the Storm Screenplay Contest

    ** Honarable Mention - Indie Gathering Film Festival

   ** Finalist - Filmakers International Screenwriting Awards

   ** Finalist - Monterey Screenplay Competition

   ** Semi-Finalist - International Family Film Festival

Killer Solitaire - Feature 

Logline: A grizzled veteran police detective and his younger sexy partner

chase down an emotionally disturbed serial killer who is offing people as

they coincide to cards in a game of solitaire.

Tagline:  There is an order to things.

   ** Finalist - Blazing Quill Screenwriting Contest

   ** WINNER - Crime Drama Award - Indie Gathering Film Festival

   ** Semi-finalist - Austin Film Festival

   ** First Round Qualifier- Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards

   ** Finalist - Charleston International Film Festival


Environemental Factors - Feature  *NEW*

Tagline:  They believe that children are the future...they really believe it.


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